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About Us

About Us

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About Us

Welcome to nau.

At nau., our mission is to deliver successful digital transformation projects for our clients. 

We know each client and project is different, but by using our own client centric method coupled with our tried and tested templated project solution we are able to maximise standardisation whilst retaining your uniqueness thus saving considerable time and cost in the set up of your project which has been has proven to be a crucial asset for our clients.

We love helping our clients get the most of their digital transformation projects. And we pride ourselves in being the keystone that bridges the gap between a ‘system’ and a fully adopted solution that works for your business. Think of us as your trusted advisor on all aspects of your projects, we work with you, your vendors and your internal teams to make your project a success.

Our Values


The most important aspect of our business is our people, being respectful and supporting personal objectives. 

Inspiring Confidence

We strive for perfection but understand that you can’t get there without failing first. We learn from others, we share our experiences that help us become more experienced and knowledgeable and ultimately helps our clients.

Being Transparent

It is always our intention to be open and honest with clients and internally with our teams, this promotes respect and contributes to a better working relationship and environment.

Our Background

nau. was formed after working with many companies on large-scale CRM, Finance and ERP systems programmes of work and experiencing the same challenges time and again. Whilst intentions are genuine end clients generally don’t have the in-house expertise with available capacity to deliver these projects themselves.

System implementers and consulting partners, quite rightly, focus on delivering to agreed requirements, but generally don’t provide ongoing governance, business change and adoption to internal users and customers. That is where nau. can help.

Meet the Team

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